Dowsing by Numbers

excellent article and worth a try.


Dowsing by Numbers
This article is for experienced dowsers. If you are not one of these, I refer you to our book, “Dowsing Beyond Duality” (available on to get you into the ‘swing’ of Dowsing. We (Erina and David Cowan) are also available for personal tutoring and offer a fully recorded two weekend Dowsing Class on streaming video. Please see
When Dowsing certain issues, we are sometime led to investigate specific dimensions. The dimensions we inquire about are according to the 10 Dimensional model outlined in our book. In this model, the 6th Dimension represents the ‘templates or blueprints of manifestation.’ The concept is that everything that exists in physical (or mental or emotional) form is held in place and/or develops, in the case of living things, according to a master blueprint in 6D represented by a unique pattern of geometry (akin to ‘sacred geometry) which also implies…

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