From the Steering Committee, we would like to wish you a wonderful New Year!    

We’d also like to share with you some of our initial plans for 2019, following up on what is already happening and trying to streamline some of our initiatives so they can be more accessible to a larger audience.   We were very inspired at our gathering last Fall, by our collective knowledge and the many ways in which dowsers are making a difference in their lives and in the world.   There was a strong spirit of learning and sharing among the participants.

Looking for Water Dowsers

Through our website and direct communications, we often get requests from families asking for a dowser to help them find the best spot for drilling a well.   We are looking for experienced water dowsers who would be willing to respond to these requests, either by visiting the land or by dowsing a map.  The ability to map-dowse for water is very valuable as it broadens the scope and impact we can have as dowsers in our region.  We would appreciate hearing from water dowser volunteers who would like to join ADS in this initiative. Please let us know by emailing to or by replying to this email if you are willing to help in this way.

Local Representatives for Dowsing Groups

During the first years of ADS, members expressed an interest in promoting dowsers to organize themselves in small groups around the Atlantic Region.  These groups would be able to meet more often and welcome and train newcomers.  We also get letters through our website asking what kind of events are happening at a local level.  We know this is already happening in some areas, and these groups are welcome to use our website to promote their contact information.  In addition, dowsers willing to start a group in their area, are also welcome to use our website as a point of contact.  If you would like to be a contact person for a local group, and are willing to respond to inquires about dowsing relevant for your area, please let us know.

Fall Conference 

We will host our annual conference at the Tatamagouche Centre sometime in late September or early October.   More details about this will come later on.  Please let us know your ideas and suggestions as we move forward in planning our gathering.  We are always looking for speakers!

We appreciate your ideas and suggestions, as they are very valuable to continue finding ways in which ADS can best supports its members as well as people that reach out to us.  You can contact us by emailing to or by replying to this email.

We would like to recognize the amazing work and contribution from the members of the past Steering Committee that are no longer serving ADS;  Gary Patterson,  Charlene Steeves, and Audrey Stewart.  Also, our gratitude to Joanne Gallant-Chilton and Alan Chilton for managing and mastering the website and thus opening the opportunity for better promotion and outreach.

We acknowledge the ancestral and un-ceded territory of the Mi’kmaq, known as Mi’kma’ki.
We are all Treaty people.

Your Steering Committee,
Sydney Blum, Silvana Castillo, Teresa Giovanelli,  Michele Graveline, Angus MacDonald,  Laurence Marie and Kathy Putnam.

One thought on “January 2019 Newsletter

  1. Thank you for your kind words. Best wishes for your future endeavors. Gary “iamfermanagh”.

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