2018 Summer Newsletter


Good afternoon Fellow Dowsers near and far ….

This mid-season newsletter is a little late in its distribution but better late than never.

First, before you put this down without reading, yes we are having a Fall Gathering again this year. The dates are 21-23 September 2018, at the Tata Centre in Tatamagouche, NS. You can find all those great details on our website, www.atlanticdowserssociety.org, or check our facebook page. Sounds like a great program, we are all Students and we are all Teachers, we learn from each other.

So how is everybody doing? Lots of good feedback from Dowsers all over the Atlantic Region. Many Dowsers practice quietly by themselves while others form associations, groups, and clubs in their own area where they practice, learn, and grow. We develop our skills and gain confidence, thus making us more efficient in our practice. We engage in many applications associated with Dowsing (ie) Healing of the Body, Mind, and Spirit, Clearing Energies, Balancing Frequencies, Finding Lost Items, just to mention a few.

One of the more frequent requests we get is for a Dowser to find water. These requests are coming from all over and we have been able to respond to requests from Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, Pictou area, Colchester/Hants, Lunenburg County, Annapolis Valley and Halifax. We seem to have a void in the Moncton Area and there appears to be a need there. We did have a number of Dowsers from that area attend Susan Collins Workshop last year, so if you would be interested, advise the Steering Committee via the Website.

Folks, those of us who have experienced the positive improvements in our lives as a result of our Dowsing Practice, need to share this knowledge with those of our friends and family so they too can benefit from this ancient art. The world needs all the help it can get right now, so much strife, so much environmental damage, so many people in need. We can make a difference, one Dowser can do great things, but many Dowsers working together can overcome what some may call, impossible.

So just to make sure you are prepared, mark your calendar, send in your registration, and invite a friend to attend the Fall Gathering of the Atlantic Dowsers Society being held in Tatamagouche the 21st-23rd of September 2018.




Spring Newsletter 2017

ADS Spring Newsletter
Good afternoon Gentle Folk and Fellow Dowsers
How about it, have you been practicing your Dowsing Skills? Have you been taking advantage of this gorgeous weather, checking for the best fishing holes, inquiring about the best deal on that new car, or hey, its gardening time, maybe your checking your seed and soil. In any case, it’s great to be a Dowser isn’t it?
Unfortunately sometimes we get a little out of practice, or think we are too busy to just do something with our God given talents, and set our tools aside for whatever reason. Well the Steering Committee with the Atlantic Dowsers Society have been working very hard to come up with something that will re-kindle your excitement about Dowsing, Fall Gathering 2017.
In the past there have been some complaints that it was held too late in the year to take advantage of some of that great Fall weather and sometime it was too nasty to go outside to practice. Well this year we have moved it ahead to the weekend, 22nd to 24th of September, and yes it’s still being hosted at the Tatamagouche Centre, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia. Those of you who have been there know what a great venue that is. The theme this year is “water” but the big news is who we have engaged as a key note speaker … none other than Internationally known Dowser, Susan Collins. Those who follow the Dowsing Communities will know exactly who she is and her reputation as an expert in the field, for those who don’t know her, it worth the effort to Google “Susan Collins Dowser”, you will be totally impressed. This is a unique opportunity to attend a session with Susan Collins right in your own back yard and at a price that you can afford.
The complete program has not yet been put together, but I wanted to get this important news out to you so you can all mark your Calendar with these Important dates. We will be following up soon with more details and as soon as the registration info is ready, we will send that along as well.
Folks this is really exciting news and a great opportunity to meet and learn hands on from one of the Modern Icons of the Dowsing World.
As always, be happy, tell your friends, and get out there and practice

On behalf of the Steering Committee,
Gary C Patterson, and, “I am Fermanagh”

2016 Summer Newsletter

The sun is shining, our gardens are growing, sunsets are magnificent, life is good. The Universe continues to awe us with its wondrous beauties and mysteries. But we, as dowsers, know how to unlock those secrets and mysteries. We have been given all the tools we need to answer all those questions that will benefit all of mankind. We have the ability to journey into the past and to explore the many possibilities which could exist in the future. We also have a responsibility to the Universe to create a world that we would wish to visit on our next life in one of those future existences.
We all have been gifted with something special, we all have special talents and knowledge, we are all teachers and we are all students. We are the sum of each other. I have always been of the opinion that we are obligated to share our gifts and that to conceal those gifts would cause civilization to be slowed in its development. If not shared, some of this knowledge may be lost to Civilization forever. We are the sum of each other and we need each other to develop and survive, and we all, regardless of how insignificant we think our contributions may be, are necessary and all important. Together we have the opportunity to make a difference for the “Highest Good”.
The Atlantic Dowsers Society has once again been in the planning stages of another wonderful fall gathering where we can share and grow. For those who have attended in the past you will recall your experiences at this special annual gathering held at the Tatamagouche Centre in Tatamagouche, NS. We have once again secured these facilities as the location for our 2016 Fall Gathering, scheduled for Friday the 28th of October thru Sunday the 30th. For those that have not attended, the accommodations are clean and spacious, the meals are excellent, and the meeting rooms are bright and comfortable. There are safe areas to walk outside should you wish to drink in the gifts of nature, a hugging tree, and a Labyrinth to aid your spiritual journey. This is a time and a place where we can gather together safely and share, learn and grow.
We are still working on presenters for our program and we invite any who may wish to make a presentation to please contact the Facilitator at gcpraven@gmail.com to schedule a time slot. The main requirement is a demonstration of how Dowsing may be employed in the execution of your presentation, remembering the purest definition of Dowsing, “The search for an answer or information, using your institutive abilities and some mechanical device to indicate results.”
There will be something for everyone, from the novice to the most experienced. We will open with registration on Friday afternoon and greet everyone at a welcome on Friday evening for those of you who have never Dowsed, there will be a clinic to get you started. We’ll kick things off on Saturday morning with a series of presentations on Dowsing and their applications, we will share resource materials that will aid in your development, other Dowsers will share those things that work for them, there will be question and answer sessions, there will be a session on “Animal Communication” and at least one session on “Healing”. On Saturday evening there will be a round table discussion and we encourage all to participate. For those who may wish, there will be healing stations where you can experience various “Healing Modalities” and receive healing for any of your own particular afflictions. On Sunday morning we will continue with our presentations and conclude with a closing ceremony at Lunch time.
It is our hope to have our program completed by early July and at that time we will distribute the program along with Registration Forms. You will note at that time there will be an early bird discount as an incentive to register early. We encourage all to mark your calendars and to talk it up with a friend who may benefit through this experience. We also remind you to visit our Website at https://atlanticdowserssociety.org/ as well as our facebook page, Atlantic Dowsers Society.
Looking forward to meeting you all in October.
“I am Fermanagh”
Facilitator for Steering Committee
Atlantic Dowsers Society

Certified Pendulum Workshop.

Leona Barnes

Hello Dowsers..
So , i’ve decided to teach a pendulum course on the 19th of March. It’ll be at my place here in Lantz ..That way i won’t cancel it and i won’t have any over head expenses..It’ll definitely happen smile emoticon ..Anyone interested please let me know..it’ll be from 10- 4 with certification to follow..i will provide a delicious lunch for us all, so i’ll need to know of any allergies..The cost is $50.00..Please share this , as i know there are some who would love to know this information.
Thanks so much .To contact me, IM me on my face book page …
God Bless.

Charles Haynes Akers Hubbard

Charles Hubbard


To the Members of the Atlantic Dowsers Society

It is with a heavy heart that I report the passing of our Honourary Chair of the Atlantic Dowsers Society, Charles Hubbard. Charles passed away on Monday, November 16, 2015, at 4:30 pm.

There will be an Open House at his farm in Shinimicas on Wednesday, Nov 18, from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm. The farm is located at 257 Smith Mill Road, about 20 minutes from Amherst. On Thursday, there will be a church service at 11 am, at Christ Church, 5 Lawrence Street, Amherst.

Charles was a great inspiration to many of us and we will continue our work to follow his vision.

Cards of condolences may be sent to 257 Smith Mill Road, RR#4, Amherst, NS, B4H 3Y2.

Gary C Patterson
on behalf of the Atlantic Dowsers Society

Charles Hubbard – Honorary Chairman of ADS

Charles Hubbard our Honorary Chairman of ADS is seriously ill.  Sending healing energy, prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated at this time. thank you kindly.

Charles Hubbard

Charles Hubbard Farm

A brief bio about Charles.

Charles Hubbard has been a full-time farmer for over 52 years. He researched and converted to organic biodynamic principals of production over 17 years ago, with dowsing as an essential tool. Charles is the Honorary Chairman of ADS.

Dowsing Dream and Spirit Molecule Water

I am writing a follow up from my article on The Basics of Dowsing I wrote in an earlier post.

I had a dream the other morning about a dowsing workshop I was in. In this dream there was a discussion about dowsing, making tools and the blessing process. In the dream I was given instruction to raise the frequency in the blessing process to the highest optimal level for healing, love and light and to LOCK it in.  In the dream they ( i’m assuming my guides ) made a point of saying LOCKING in the blessing meant it can’t be broken or undone.

I have just tried the water blessing again with an additional experiement of using a few drops of the Spirit Molecule Water in a glass of water and LOCKING it in place. The results, when measured with the Rods were extremely powerful, the energy field of this water was expanded beyond 15ft.  I am in my home in the sunroom/meditation space doing this experiement. The range of space for walking from sunroom to living room is roughly 15ft.  The updated blessing I used is below.  You may wish to make your own water blessings up or make changes to the one below.

Dear Divine, please bless this water, fill it with love, healing, gratitude and light so that it energizes me and anyone who drinks this water.  I also ask that you raise the frequencies of love, healing and light to the highest optimal levels and lock it in permanently.   ~ Amen    

would love to hear your thoughts.

blessed water