Charles Hubbard – Honorary Chairman of ADS

Charles Hubbard our Honorary Chairman of ADS is seriously ill.  Sending healing energy, prayers and positive thoughts would be greatly appreciated at this time. thank you kindly.

Charles Hubbard

Charles Hubbard Farm

A brief bio about Charles.

Charles Hubbard has been a full-time farmer for over 52 years. He researched and converted to organic biodynamic principals of production over 17 years ago, with dowsing as an essential tool. Charles is the Honorary Chairman of ADS.

Dowsing Dream and Spirit Molecule Water

I am writing a follow up from my article on The Basics of Dowsing I wrote in an earlier post.

I had a dream the other morning about a dowsing workshop I was in. In this dream there was a discussion about dowsing, making tools and the blessing process. In the dream I was given instruction to raise the frequency in the blessing process to the highest optimal level for healing, love and light and to LOCK it in.  In the dream they ( i’m assuming my guides ) made a point of saying LOCKING in the blessing meant it can’t be broken or undone.

I have just tried the water blessing again with an additional experiement of using a few drops of the Spirit Molecule Water in a glass of water and LOCKING it in place. The results, when measured with the Rods were extremely powerful, the energy field of this water was expanded beyond 15ft.  I am in my home in the sunroom/meditation space doing this experiement. The range of space for walking from sunroom to living room is roughly 15ft.  The updated blessing I used is below.  You may wish to make your own water blessings up or make changes to the one below.

Dear Divine, please bless this water, fill it with love, healing, gratitude and light so that it energizes me and anyone who drinks this water.  I also ask that you raise the frequencies of love, healing and light to the highest optimal levels and lock it in permanently.   ~ Amen    

would love to hear your thoughts.

blessed water

Calling all Dowsers, Summer News 2015, Atlantic Dowsers Society

Greetings to all Dowsers within reach of this newsletter.

Exciting times, Exciting experiences, Exciting adventures. Excitement seems to be the emotion that Dowsers are reporting all over the Maritimes and more and more people are beginning to pursue their hidden desire to explore this ancient skill. Times are changing and we are discovering that we are not alone in our quest to learn and we seek out those of like mind. Small groups are being formed in numerous Communities where we meet to exchange ideas and to learn about how this phenomenon can influence and aid us in our daily lives. We are beginning to rediscover those things that we already know, those things that early mankind knew in the beginning but have been programmed to forget over the centuries.

We now have an important tool to aid our quest, “desire”, desire to learn. The Atlantic Dowsers Society was formed to help all those with this desire. We too have valuable tools to assist us in our personal growth and development. We have our web site,, which contains a wealth of information, links to useful sites, and interesting sources for news; we have our Facebook page, searchable on Facebook, which is a great opportunity to express opinions and share ideas; and we have our Twitter account, @atlanticdowsers, another opportunity to interact.  We are now also on Youtube as “Atlantic Dowsers Society” with all 6 of Charles Hubbard videos.   Finally we have the event of the year, our annual assembly, our Fall Gathering 2015.

This year’s Fall Gathering will be held at the Tatamagouche Centre, Tatamagouche, NS, from Friday afternoon, the 30th of October until Sunday noon, the 1st of November. The venue is beautiful, on the shores of a lake with grassed spaces, the class rooms are comfortable and spacious, the sleeping quarters are clean, and the food is great. This is a wonderful event and is designed to bring together Dowsers and those with an interest in Dowsing for the purpose of learning and sharing. This event will provide something for the Novice as well as the most Proficient, exploring a broad range of applications from the most basic for those who have never dowsed to the most practiced. We will explore applications that can only be limited by one’s imagination, and we will show you how to gain that confidence that you desire so you can use this wonderful tool to enhance your daily life. The great thing about this gathering is that everyone has something to share, even if you don’t think you do, and we all have room to learn. Together we have each other and together we shall become so much better equipped to deal with our daily frustrations.

This year’s event will consist of a number of short presentations and chat room sessions (including one on the Lecher antenna) that are very interactive friendly. We invite any who would like to make a presentation pertaining to Dowsing, for the chat rooms, to contact our Web Site Administrator. Please see the attached Fall Gathering brochure/registration form, which will also be available on the ADS website for you to share with friends.

On behalf of the Steering Committee for the Atlantic Dowsers Society, we extend an invitation to all of you and any of your interested friends to attend this most exciting and informative gathering. We feel your time will be well spent and you will walk away with a new perspective on life and a great assortment of new friends.

A wonderful night

Had a wonderful night at Angel Hall last night where I was invited to speak on Dowsing in general. There were about 35 people present, all of varying degrees of proficiency as dowsers. This is a most productive venue as people have the opportunity to share experiences and techniques. This is how we learn and knowledge should be freely shared. I can say that last night I learned as much as I imparted.
Cheers and
“I am Fermanagh”.

Awakening to Divining by Kathleen Kevany

Some people are introduced to dowsing through looking for water or “divining or witching” for water. But as I have come to learn it is so much more than that. I was introduced some years ago to divining and our human ability to recognize and utilize subtle energies to better understand and interact with what is within and all around us. But I attended my first dowsing conference in the Fall of 2014, it was with the very hospitable and inspiring Atlantic Dowsers Society (ADS). The ADS holds an annual conference and already is planning the October 2015 conference in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

What I learned at this first conference with dowsers is their generous spirit of sharing with newbies and their genuine commitment to the art and science of dowsing. Dowsing, they would tell me, is simply our right to tap into energy that is accessible to anyone who is willing and attentive to harness it. I was not a quick convert. Years ago I had read the superb book by David Hawkins, Power vs Force. This book educated me more about the practice of “muscle testing” and the manner in which we can find answers to important questions through the energies revealed in our bodies. Dowsing or divining is the same. When we go into an Alpha state we are then able to tap into higher consciousness and universal energies for answers within and around us. I am not writing to explain the science or the art of the practice of dowsing. I am totally unqualified. But I am happy to share the power of trust in higher consciousness.

I teach at a university and I research about factors that meditate well-being. I introduce my students to the art and science of mindfulness and meditation as one of many possible pathways for mindful practice. I have found the science compelling for practicing mindfulness, as I suspect it would be for practicing divining. By developing a regular practice of meditation, practitioners have found improvements in a number of areas. Regular spiritual practice, like meditation can serve to increase attentiveness and awareness and strengthen higher cognitive functions and increase compassion for self and others.[1] That is a lot of good from rather small efforts.

I recommend being mindful but I also strive to practice it more consistently and regularly myself. I am learning about the value of dowsing and divining. And I too can see the merit of this spiritual practice. I am open to the learning and discoveries ahead.

Contact:  Kathleen Kevany
[1] Kass, J. 2007 Spiritual maturation: A developmental resource for resilience, well-being, and peace. Journal of Pedagogy, Pluralism, and Practice, 12, Summer 2007