Our Primary purpose –   “Our primary purpose is to help educate and support dowsers in their use of dowsing in their “world”.  We neither endorse nor oppose any causes.”

The Atlantic Dowsers Society was formed in Fall 2010 to serve Atlantic Canada. Charles Hubbard was elected as the Honourary Chairman of ADS, in 2010.  A small Steering Committee guides the efforts of the Atlantic Dowsers Society, whose key activity is to host a week-end Fall Gathering, for all to share their knowledge. Beginners are welcome.

For more information on becoming a member go to the membership page at the top.

Good afternoon Dowsers

Just a few days left now until that great upcoming weekend 22-24 Sept 2017, when we get together at Tatamagouche Centre to share everything dowsing.

This year’s program is world class with expert speakers in their field commencing Friday evening with a presentation by Russell Finlay, P.Geo. “The Science of Water”. Saturday will be a full day workshop with Susan Collins, International Dowser. The topics of the day will include …

“Water for Life”

Tuning the Dowsing Tools

Tools review, Pendulums, Rods, and Bobbers

Susan Collins Dowsing Protocol

Introduction to Dowsing Triage Protocol

Find your “Spirit Guides” and Beneficial Beings

Create Psychic protection                                  

Seeing the Unseen

Review of Earth, Environmental and Psychic Stress Energies

Transform the energy of Water (foods and remedies)

Water Well introduction

          Geology, Drilling Techniques, Regulations, and Well Records

Find a Power Spot to help you find water

Connecting to Spirit of Place

Water Well dowsing methods

          Location, Depth, and Volume

Outside Work

          Find and flag locations

Advanced Water Dowsing Technique

Map Dowsing

Stream diversion

Dealing with Geopathic issues that inhibit flow

Removing psychic cords and curses that prevent healthy flow

           After supper there will be a round table where Dowsers can share thoughts.

          On Sunday we will practice what we have learned.

          Folks if you have not yet registered, don’t feel you missed it. The deadline is very soon to arrange for meals and accommodation, however we are very easy to deal with and if you do it before Friday the 15thwe can probably find a spot for you. Send an email and follow-up with your registration and cheque.

          Don’t miss out. See you on the 22nd.


Happy Dowsing



Yes we are going to do it again this year. The Fall Gathering will be held on the 22nd to the 24th of September 2017 at Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia .

Please check our website frequently and Facebook page for more details. Brochure will be added soon.

Please look for us on Youtube  http://tinyurl.com/pgr7jze

Please like us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/atlanticdowserssociety



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Good Beautiful Sunny Thursday morning fellow dowsers. Does anyone have current information they can shar eabout The Radionics and Dowsing Institute of Canada, and/or Shirley Clark who is or was a director of the institute. I would like to make contact with Shirley or the institute in the very near future. Hope you are all enjoying your summer. Linda Wentzell

  2. Not sure who has replied to my email or if we have met as of yet. Thank you. I have been on website you forwarded to me already and cannot seem to get any response by email or by phone for Shirley Clark. Maybe the site is defunk. I tracked the www and first found a site that had a NFLD address, then on to Springbrook Ontario. The trail has stopped there. Hoping to chat with her about her Canadian experience with radionics. Will continue by contacting the CDA. Please keep an ear out for me. Thanks tons.


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