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Sacred Stewardship: Regaining our spiritual partnership with the food we eat

Authors: Charles Hubbard and Malki’el McCamis

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Charles Hubbard was a full-time farmer for over 52 years.  He researched and converted to organic biodynamic principals of production over before 1998, with dowsing as an essential tool.  Charles was Honorary Chairman of ADS, until his death 16 November 2015. To learn more about food security, please visit Charles’ blog Apprenticeship for Survival or his YouTube channel Sacred Stewardship

Ancient Energies: Living and Growing with Pyramid Energy

Author: Angus A. MacDonald

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Crystal enhanced meditation and healing Pyramids. Direct positive energy for use in everyday life. Copper and crystal design, various sizes. Natural energy enhances food flavor, plant growth and helps heal pets with joint discomfort. Improves meditation for overall mind, body, and spirit health.

Cancer and Chronic Disease: Healing With Body Resonance

Author: Vaughn Jelliffe

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This is my story of how I stumbled upon a new simple technology that saved my life. I had been diagnosed with leukemia and was determined to understand why I was sick, without resorting to any treatments that might harm me, including chemotherapy and radiation. The energy patterns in a person can be evaluated with this new body resonance tool. It shows where energy flows easily and where it struggles with blockages that lead to illness. Cancer and Chronic Disease: Healing with Body Resonance is about my personal journey back to good health, offers an explanation of how this method works, and shares some stories from people who have benefited from it.

The Divining Rod: A History of Water Witching

Department of the Interior; Franklin K. Lane, Secretary; United States Geological Survey; George Otis Smith, Director; Water-Supply Paper 416; Washington Government Printing Office 1917

Author: Arthur J. Ellis

This is a free PDF document.

It is quite clear that the authors of this report are not big supporters of dowsing. However, I found it a fascinating historical look at the subject.

What I found even more impressive is the extensive list of sources in the bibliography. Should any of you care to go on a very deep historical dive. Enjoy.