Put five Dowsers in a room and ask this question. You will probably get many more than five answers, as well as lengthy discussions on wide-ranging topics. That is only one of the things that makes dowsing, and the sharing of dowsing experiences, so fascinating.

Boiled down to the essentials, dowsing is a practical skill that uses your body’s reflexes to interpret the world around you.

Everyone can dowse using everything from specially made equipment to a set of keys or nail on a string. One can even dowse without any instrument at all.

Dowsing is only limited by your imagination and can be used to dowse for anything!

  • finding water pipes, leaks and underground streams
  • locating lost objects
  • selecting suitable remedies
  • freshness or safety of food
  • where to place plants for optimal growth
  • finding missing people or pets
  • helping with archeology
  • sacred sites, earth energies and ley lines
  • detecting geopathic stress
  • and that’s just for a start.

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