Good afternoon Gentle Folk and Fellow Dowsers

How about it, have you been practicing your Dowsing Skills? Have you been taking advantage of this gorgeous weather, checking for the best fishing holes, inquiring about the best deal on that new car, or hey, its gardening time, maybe you’re checking your seed and soil. In any case, it’s great to be a Dowser, isn’t it?

Unfortunately, sometimes we get a little out of practice, or think we are too busy to just do something with our God given talents and set our tools aside for whatever reason. Well, the Steering Committee with the Atlantic Dowsers Society have been working very hard to come up with something that will rekindle your excitement about Dowsing, Fall Gathering 2017.

In the past there have been some complaints that it was held too late in the year to take advantage of some of that great Fall weather and sometimes it was too nasty to go outside to practice. Well, this year we have moved it ahead to the weekend, 22nd to 24th of September, and yes, it’s still being hosted at the Tatamagouche Centre, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

Those of you who have been there know what a great venue that is. The theme this year is “water”, but the big news is who we have engaged as a keynote speaker … none other than Internationally known Dowser, Susan Collins. Those who follow the Dowsing Communities will know exactly who she is and her reputation as an expert in the field, for those who don’t know her, it worth the effort to Google “Susan Collins Dowser”, you will be totally impressed. This is a unique opportunity to attend a session with Susan Collins right in your own back yard and at a price that you can afford.

The complete program has not yet been put together, but I wanted to get this important news out to you so you can all mark your Calendar with these Important dates. We will be following up soon with more details and as soon as the registration info is ready, we will send that along as well.

Folks this is really exciting news and a great opportunity to meet and learn hands on from one of the Modern Icons of the Dowsing World.

As always, be happy, tell your friends, and get out there and practice

On behalf of the Steering Committee,

Gary C Patterson and I am Fermanagh