Xmas eve my daughter and grand-daughter got stomach flu: fever, diarrhea and vomiting were their symptoms…I am sure you have had those at some point! my grand-children have gotten used to their Malou (my granny name!) and her pendulum for their bumps and bruises so little Magali asked me to make her better with my pendulum! hey why not…although I wasn’t too sure about this one: we celebrate Xmas on Xmas eve in my family…we were expecting family and friends for supper…anyway I decided to give it a go and see…I could always revert to homeopathy…Well, I ended up using the pendulum on my daughter too…after one “treatment” they both felt better…gave each 2 more “treatments”that day and by evening my daughter was able to partake in the Xmas eve meal…and felt totally fine by the next morning. I gave Magali one more treatment in the morning and then was great too…To say the least I was amazed! is healing that simple! By the way, I was using the Atlantis pendulum, middle size one.
Now I would like to know if any of you have used your pendulum(s) for healing? how did you go about it? what were the results? I feel that sharing, comparing would be very enriching…of course this blog is about any use we make of pendulums so hope to see many posts…on many topics so we can all learn from each other…

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