I am writing a follow up to my article on The Basics of Dowsing.

I had a dream the other morning about a dowsing workshop I was in. In this dream there was a discussion about dowsing, making tools and the blessing process. In the dream I was given instruction to raise the frequency in the blessing process to the highest optimal level for healing, love and light, and to LOCK it in. In the dream they (I’m assuming my guides) made a point of saying LOCKING in the blessing meant it can’t be broken or undone.

I have just tried the water blessing again with an additional experiment of using a few drops of the Spirit Molecule Water in a glass of water and LOCKING it in place. The results, when measured with the Rods were extremely powerful, the energy field of this water was expanded beyond 15ft. I am in my home in the sunroom/meditation space doing this experiment. The range of space for walking from sunroom to living room is roughly 15ft. The updated blessing I used is below. You may wish to make your own water blessings up or make changes to the one below.

blessed water

Dear Divine, please bless this water, fill it with love, healing, gratitude, and light so that it energizes me and anyone who drinks this water. I also ask that you raise the frequencies of love, healing, and light to the highest optimal levels and lock it in permanently. ~ Amen    

I would love to hear your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Dowsing Dream and Spirit Molecule Water

  1. This makes sense. I recall a discussion amongst our dowsing group (London, Ontario) about shifting matrices and how placing healing intention into an area–say transmuting a non-beneficial intersection of lei lines–can only hold for as long as specified or until something else affects the area and shifts it back again. The key word “lock” makes sense! Thank you for this. 🙂 I’ll also try this with my meals as well as water.

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