“All things may be the easier managed by the Dexterity of the Hand, and the Divining Rod” -Francis Bacon, Philophies, in The Works of Francis Bacon, 1733

Dowsing is a practical skill using your body’s reflexes to interpret the world around you. Everyone can dowse using specially made equipment or even with a set of keys or nail on a string. One can even dowse without any instrument at all.

Dowsing is only limited by your imagination and can be used to dowse for anything!

  • finding water pipes, leaks and underground streams
  • locating lost objects
  • selecting suitable remedies
  • freshness or safety of food
  • where to place plants for optimal growth
  • finding missing people or pets
  • helping with archeology
  • sacred sites, earth energies and ley lines
  • detecting geopathic stress

Below are a few videos to help you understand more about dowsing.

The late Charles Hubbard was a local BioDynamic Farmer and dowsing expert.  His book, “Sacred Stewardship”and contact information can be found on this website.



Dave Cowan explains the process of Spiritual Dowsing in these three youtube videos.

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